Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grandmother Elsbeth's Birthday Celebration

Here is a letter I received from Grandmother Elspeth. Hope to see you there :)

Dear people,

I hope this letter finds you well in body and in spirit. I'm reaching out to you today to let you know about an amazing event we are planning for June of this year. It is called GreenSong, and it is a celebration of my 81st birthday, complete with music, fellowship, and workshops; all dedicated to one cause - changing our focus and shifting the future.

You are part of this special group because you are on my mailing list. I want you most especially to be part of this celebration, so please consider joining us by both attending and by helping to get the word out. Remember I will be 81 only once!

GreenSong's mission is to foster music that promotes a harmonious relationship between individuals, and between humans and the natural world. Our goal is to help the power of song play a more significant role in shifting human values and culture, leading to a greater compassion for all beings, a deeper acceptance of personal responsibility, and a more frugal use of resources.

I hope you are inspired to join us, June 2nd through the 5th, at GreenSong.

I also ask that you help spread the word about this exciting event by bringing the attached flyer to your grocery store, fellowship, favorite coffee shop, or bookstore. Hang it up on community boards where other folks can find out about this exciting event. And share this letter and flyer with all your favorite lists!

I’m excited about the opportunity to share this event with you, and I thank you for helping me share with others the news about GreenSong.

I hold you in my heart,

Grandmother Elspeth

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